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About the contactless menu

Customers' Smartphones play an important role when ordering in restaurants and cafeterias.
Cleaning the table after each customer is quick and easy. Disinfecting the classic menu is almost impossible.
The contactless menu reduces printing costs and it is an eco-friendly solution.
ilustratie C-Menu

How it works?

1Scan the NFC chip or QR code
2It will open the online menu via browser
3Choose your order in cMenu Lite or Pro app
4Order from waiter

It doesn't require installation. Most smartphone users know how to use the NFC reader, because mobile wallet apps (payment via phone) are based on this technology.

Compatibility: 99.99% of smartphones contain NFC chip or QR code scanner from factory settings.

cLite - the Quick Solution

It is the simplest solution for transforming the traditional menu into a virtual one. If you have the menu in PDF format or on your own website, we direct the customers through cMenu to this virtual interface that already exists online.

With this solution it is possible to change anytime the destination of the NFC and QR code. We also implement unique solutions: multilingual support or the menu of the day.

cLite Demo
meniu restaurant virtual contactless nfc qr
aplicatie lista de consum meniu contactless cmenu contactonomy

cPro - the Smart Solution

This solution offers an added value to the customers (end users): they can save their choices from the menu into a virtual consumption list. Thus the contactless menu becomes more than just a gadget.

At the moment it is available as a prototype (beta). New features will be developed based on requirements and the number of users.

cPro Demo

The physical user interface

In order to provide a unique experience for restaurant customers we have created an intuitive user interface.

It is available in three variants:
PVC (black/white) or plexiglass (transparent) stand
Resistant and durable sticker that can be glued to tables
The simple contains the graphic kit in electronic format (QR code, editable cMenu design) and programmed NFC chips

The customization of the stand and sticker with the restaurant's logo and colors is free of charge.
meniu smart contactless cmenu contactonomy


cMenu Lite

cMenu Pro







(25 units)
143 € 169 € 196 € 190 € 216 € 249 €
(50 units)
237 € 292 € 345 € 280 € 335 € 432 €
(100 units)
285 € 399 € 501 € 356 € 464 € 648 €

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